Solar energy in Australia


Compared to fossil fuels like oil, gas, coal, steam and nuclear among others, Solar Power is clean, green and environment friendly. There is no harmful by-product when you use Solar Power for your energy requirements.

Fossil fuels burn up and emit Carbon Dioxide and many other dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Firewood too when burned in the process to convert to heat energy releases different types of gases, so is coal. Nuclear waste is a much debated topic, and environmentalists are always educating the general public of its dangerous use.

There are very stringent controls when we use any of the above fuels, but harnessing of Solar Power for conversion to electricity using Solar Power Systems is encouraged by statutory bodies and regulators alike.

There is no doubt that the harnessing and use of Solar Power for our energy needs is the best option mankind has, if we are to save Mother Earth from the much alarming Global warming situation we have got ourselves into. If we do not pull our socks up and do something about it today we will be leaving behind a very sad Earth for our children.

Harnessing Solar Power for our energy needs requires very installation friendly contraptions. Photovoltaic cells or Solar Panels installed discretely on roofs, or on sites where it does not harm the environment convert Solar Energy into electrical energy, and it is stored in compatible batteries.

The batteries discharge the stored electricity via an inverter, which converts the stored DC electricity to AC electricity. The Solar Power System has a few checks and balances which keeps the complete system safe.

You are able to use both the Solar Power System and electricity from the National Grid which would be controlled by the checks and balances that is mentioned above.  



Using solar power for your jumping castles


Harnessing the Sun’s massive quantum of Solar energy dished out at no cost to us from sunrise to sunset can help us save on the consumption of electricity which is becoming dearer and dearer, which is evident in the steep rise of our utility bills received by us at the end of every month.

Using solar power generated by employing solar panels to run most of your outdoor and indoor recreational appliances and machinery would be a step in the right direction.

Solar power generated during the day, when the Sun shines on the solar panels can be stored in appropriate batteries for use during the night.

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